Becky is a powerful & clear channel. Her transmissions come through with so much love & support. I came to her for guidance on navigating a challenging crossroads with my daughter’s father. She connected with my higher self to provide very detailed guidance as to how to honour the highest path for all three of us, while being true to myself. She provided suggestions for necessary healing and the next steps forward to aligning with my path and purpose. I highly recommend a reading with Becky.
Jasmin F.
Becky is a very gifted channeler. She was able to provide clarity and confirmation on information that was consistent with guidance I have previously received. She was able to bring forward two past lives that are effecting me currently and they were absolutely spot on. She was also able to provide me with clarity and reassurance about my business which has allowed me to move forward. Becky has a compassionate energy which made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. Thank you so much Becky, I would definitely recommend receiving channeled guidance from Becky if you are seeking clarity and guidance!
Kate R.
Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away. I’ve been reading and rereading what came through and it had blown be away. It has to do with what I have been offering to the universe and asking for help with. It is spot on answers to what I prayer about and hold in my heart. I am simply astonished. Pretty amazing. This feels like such a huge gift from you and my guises. Profound thanks. 
Keesha B.
Becky's membership for moms has been such a big help for me, especially as a mom of 3 little ones! A few things it has helped me with is my patience, how to better handle the stress, to be a better mom overall, my insecurity, the mom guilt,  helped me realize I wasn't putting myself first or taking very good care of myself, and now I have lost 10 pounds and just feel so much better. Just knowing I am not alone and using some of her techniques has helped so much!
Holly S.
I have been working with Becky on self-care coaching sessions for a few months and it has shown me how to help myself deal with issues I have as I have aged. She has shown me ways to recognize when I need to step back and use the techniques she taught to come back to a calm place. She made me think about why things bother me and what I can do to help myself. I am using everything we have talked about but I am a work in progress and enjoying the journey.

I am very grateful for Becky and will continue to use all the knowledge she has shared with me.
Jeanette C.
Your program is really making a huge difference in my life, it's kind of amazing and I am looking forward to reaping the rewards.
 Thanks Becky, you are a true inspiration! 
Bryna R.
Becky is very professional and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She is wonderfully talented with Quantum Touch and Reflexology and I always feel revived and immensely relaxed after a session with her. Numerous times I have been to see Becky with a particular pain that has always been greatly reduced or completely resolved but the end of a treatment or two. I look forward to more regular visits with Becky because the Therapies and the proficiency that she offers release the build up of everyday stresses and discomforts, and keep me grounded as well as in better harmony.
Anna S.
I've been doing yoga with Becky Shapiro for about a month now. I'd been wanting to do yoga for over a year for stress relief and back pain but didn't have the self-discipline to do it on my own, and of course most classes were cancelled do to the pandemic. I found out about Becky from a friend on Facebook and contacted her about classes. While she wasn't doing classes yet, she graciously offered one-on-one lessons. The lessons proved to be exactly what I hoped for: relaxaing, and yet somehow energizing at the same time. Through four lessons, Becky led me through progressively more challenging poses. Each time my back felt looser afterwards, yet stronger and more resistent to injury. I highly recommend Becky's yoga lessons!
Keith R.
I had never tried foot reflexology until I heard about Grounded Monkey. Having severe ongoing pain from a neck injury, I decided to try it. Rebecca has not only made a HUGE impact on my pain but also has helped a great deal with stress, sleep & relaxation! TY REBECCA!!!!
Chris Q.